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We develop specific 3D scanning technology to support innovative business models based on user anthropometry. They are specifically designed to use it at home or at the point of sale.

Smartphone scanning

Foot scanning app

A cutting-edge smartphone application which allows to capture the 3D shape of the foot with only three pictures and making possible to obtain the dimensions of the foot from any location.

This technology overcomes the main barriers to the massive spreading of foot scanners’ use to e-commerce, retail or new business models. So, the main advantages are:

  • It can be used on any smartphone, from any place, without additional hardware
  • Free App that can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play
  • Pay-per-use (It is not necessary the investment in hardware)
  • Easy-to-use. Excellent accuracy for applications such as size allocation and made to measure footwear
  • Fast scanning process. Excellent user experience


Based on data-driven 3D reconstructions, using a mathematical model created from large 3D feet databases. The reconstruction algorithm finds the combination of shape parameters that best matches the silhouettes extracted from three pictures (lateral, front and medial) that can be taken by the user. The files are sent to a server that performs the 3D reconstruction of the foot. In less than two minutes the foot in 3D is displayed on the screen.



SUNfeet app is avaible on Google Play and Apple Store



IBV has developed 3D Avatar Feet/IBV demo App to show how the technology works, which provides a 3D foot model using such a widespread device as the smartphone. This technology will give support to innovative businesses based on user anthropometry. Now available on Google Play Store.

Making 3D foot scanning technology possible from any smartphone





Low-cost 3D foot scanner using a mobile app
Parrilla, E., Ballester, A., Solves-Camallonga, C., Nácher, B., Puigcerver, S. A., Uriel, J., Piérola, A., González, J.C, Alemany, S.

12th Footwear Biomechanics Symposium, Liverpool (UK), July 2015

[pdf] [pdf from publisher]

Exploitation of 3D Body Databases for the Apparel Industry
Alemany, S., Ballester, A., Parrilla, E., Uriel, J., González, J., Nácher, B., González, J.C., Page, A.

4th International Conference on 3D Body Scanning Technologies, Long Beach, CA, USA. November 2013.



Whole body scanning app

A mobile application for capturing the 3D body shape with only two pictures.

  • the first image is a front photograph of the person standing with the arms and legs slightly separated from the body.
  • the second one is a lateral photograph with the arms stuck to the body.

Cutting-edge technology for easy and quick body scanning with a smartphone to support innovative business models based on user anthropometry:

  • It can be used on any smartphone, from any place, without additional hardware.
  • Excellent results for applications such as size allocation and made to measure clothes.
  • Easy-to-use.
  • Fast scanning process. Excellent user experience.


Mathematical body models developed from extensive databases allow the accurate 3D reconstruction of whole human body.

The image calibration process uses stature of the photographed person and parameters from the telephone such as the camera, gyroscope and accelerometer. Due to the variability of the backgrounds, clothing colours, and user posture, the adaptive silhouette is also used to support the segmentation algorithms.



  Adult Females (proof) Children (prototype)
Measurement AAE (mm) ARE (%) AAE (mm) ARE (%)
Body Height 16 1.0 22 1.6
Bust/chest girth 6 0.7 18 2.8
Underbust girth 21 2.7 - -
Waist girth 33 4.1 28 4.5
Hip girth 17 1.7 11 1.5
Thigh girth 30 4.7 10 2.3
Upper arm girth 9 3.8 9 4.1
Wrist girth 5 3.2 5 3.8
Outside leg length 18 1.7 12 14
Arm length 16 2.8 13 2.7

In-shop foot scanner

Based on data-driven 3D reconstructions, DOMEscan/IBV is a low cost 3D foot scanner specially designed for retail.

Easy to use, quick and versatile, it provides automatically a 3D model and more than twenty foot measurements.

DOMEscan/IBV is the best solution for in-shop foot scanning:

  • Easy installation and usability, no special knowledge about scanning is required.
  • Lightweight, easy-to-handle and wireless, it is easily portable.
  • Robust (no moving parts).
  • Excellent accuracy for applications such as size allocation and made to measure footwear.
  • Excellent user experience
  • Low cost with the possibility of pay-per-use.
  • The software allows the single and multiple exportation of data (foot measurements and 3D models).
  • Possibility to generate and print a report with user data.



Technical specifications

Scanning device
- Dimensions: 430 mm (length) x 340 mm (width) x 410 mm (height)
- Weight: 4.6 Kg
- Automatically adjustable device. Adjustment pattern is included.
- PC and Tablet PC wireless connection: Bluetooth 2.1
- Scanning time: 0.1 s per foot
- Scan Processing to measurements: less than 30 s
- More than 20 foot measures
- Visualization of feet in 3D with point of view control.
- Report is available in print and pdf format.
- Exportation of results: 3D model in STL format and measures in CSV format. Single or multiple options for exportation.

High Resolution 3D capture


Shapescan100 is a laser scanner that provides a realistic 3D representation of the sole of the foot for the design and manufacture of plantar orthotics.

Rapid, precise and versatile, it allows you to scan the sole of the foot and moulds made of plaster or other materials. It is especially designed for easy transport.

Bundled with the free Podosware v1.0 software, Shapescan100 facilitates the design and remote manufacture of plantar orthotics according to the podiatrist's indications and patient needs.



Dimensions 700mm x 400mm x 150mm
Weight 17 kg
Scanning time 6 seconds
Scanning area 300mm x 150mm x 100mm
Scaneline resolution 1.5mm


Face Scanning

Based on pasive stero scanning, this sistem adquires the 3D geometry of the face with high resoution including the texture. This scanner is easy to use; the measures are taken in just a few seconds with little room for error.


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