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Research on the demand and availability of strengths and anthropometric data of children

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The European Committee for Standardization (CEN) is carrying out, within CEN/TC 122 “Ergonomics”, a project to acquire strengths and anthropometric data of children and to provide the stakeholders, in particular the industry and CEN technical committees, with this information, e.g. in a CEN technical report.

For the purpose of this project, a project group CEN/TC 122/WG 1/TG 1 “Anthropometric data of children” has been set up, comprising anthropometric and strengths experts but also experts from CEN/TCs related to products for children. DIN German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Institut für Normung e.V.) holds the secretariat of CEN/TC 122 and also provides secretariat support for CEN/TC 122/WG 1/TG 1.


The objectives of the project are to identify, acquire and measure data of children required by the relevant stakeholders and to develop guidance for them and for standards writers on the correct application of data (anthropometric body measures and physical strength) and to publish this information in CEN Technical Report(s).

At present there is no sufficient knowledge neither on the existing strengths and anthropometric data and its availability (e.g. commercially available data from private providers or scientific publications) nor on the specific demand of this data from the relevant stakeholders, e.g. standards writers, industry etc. For this reason the whole project will be divided in two phases.

The European Commission has approved the CEN requested funding for the first project phase (SA/CEN2014-09 “Anthropometric Data for Children”) and the project is currently being executed. This first phase comprises the following objectives:

  • Research on the existence, quality and availability of strengths and anthropometric data of children in Europe;
  • Research on the demands from relevant stakeholders on data of children with regard to the application in products’ security, usability and comfort;
  • Comparison of the existence/ availability of, and the demands for this information in order to identify the gap between available data and demands concerning their application;
  • Planning of the second project phase based on the results of the first project phase.

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The project is being carried out by a consortium formed by two members:

  • Biomechanics Institute of Valencia (IBV)
  • Technological Institute for Children’s Products & Leisure (AIJU)

Contact information:

Sandra Alemany – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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